Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely!  We'd love for you to see why we're better than any other gym and have been voted Best of Tahoe 6 years running.

Come on in, the first workout is on us!  We know you're going to love it!

Are you guys more like a regular gym, a crossfit, or do you just do personal training?

We're better than all of those.  We do large group, small group, and 1-on-1 training.  We believe that the workout should fit the person, instead of jamming everyone into the same workout.  We're not in the equipment rental business, we're in the RESULTS business.

We accommodate all levels of experience and fitness, and as Corrective Exercise Specialists, we can work with any pathologies or injuries.  You won't find this level of expertise and service at any other gym.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you crush your goals, come in for a FREE Strategy Session, which includes an optimized custom workout, body composition analysis, and nutrition consultation.

What if I need help with my nutrition?

We have an RDN on staff for everything from nutrition label feedback to full meal plans with diet restrictions.  There's also frequently impromptu nutrition question/answer discussions after group training sessions.  Come in for a FREE Workout and you can join in!

You can't out train a bad diet, so we firmly believe in offering nutrition guidance as an added value to our members.  Every membership level includes a monthly body composition analysis with nutrition consult to learn to eat for optimum health and performance and stay on track.

Do you have Day Passes?

Yes!  We love having guests join us for an awesome workout!  We have packages of day passes which never expire.  If you visit Tahoe often, you can use your passes whenever you're in town, making a package a great option.  And families and friends can share a package.

Day Passes give you access to all of our group training options, or you can do your own workout, or one of our posted DIY workouts.

Login and App Support

The easiest way to book a spot in group training, personal training, or your monthly body composition analysis and nutrition consult, is with our Elevated Fitness App.  You can download the app for iPhone HERE and Android HERE.  Simply click the session you want to join and select “book class”.  Access to Small Group Training and Everest Training requires an upgraded membership and can be booked with the basic app (above) or Elevated Fitness Training app, which offers workouts, tracking, and videos.

The Elevated Fitness Training App is FREE and included in your membership upgrade.  When you upgrade your basic membership to include Small Group Training or Everest training, you will receive a welcome email with an app download link and instructions, as well as a complete Nutrition Guide with food lists, supplement information, etc., and Target Macro Guide (what to eat and how much of it).

Step-by-step instructions were emailed to you when you signed up for Small Group Training or Everest Training.  In short, login to your Elevated Fitness Training App account on your mobile app and tap on the three lines in the upper left hand corner, select “Settings>Apps & Devices>MyFitnessPal”.  Click “Connect”.  Once you authorize the link, your MyFitnessPal logs will sync to your app.

Your login is the email address you provided when you signed up.  Your password is what you selected when you signed up.  If you forget your password, click on “Need a New Password” link to reset, or we can reset for you at the front desk.


During Membership Appreciation Month you can bring guests to any session with you for FREE all month long.  The rest of the year, you can refer a new member for a FREE workout.  Have them visit our website to sign up.

YES!  At Elevated Fitness, our members mean the world to us.  We offer an aggressive loyalty and referral program to share the love.  Members earn points through Referrizer for every check-in, Facebook post, training session, referral, etc., which can be redeemed for shakes, swag, upgrades, supplements, and more.  Click HERE to learn more about our referral program and to check your points.  You can also download the Referrizer app to keep track of your points and redeem for upgrades and swag.

First of all, THANK YOU for sharing your amazing results with your friends.  If your referral signs up for membership, your next month of membership is FREE.


If you would like to bring a friend with you to a group training session, you can have them visit our website and click on the “Try a FREE Workout” button, or simply sign yourself in twice to reserve their spot and yours.

Membership Support

The HUGE value of services we offer in every membership is its own discount  That said, we have family in civil service and know how hard you work and how much you sacrifice, so we want to say THANK YOU for all that you do with a 30% discount off basic membership!  Present a current valid military, fire department, police department, or teacher ID to qualify.  Present a current valid student ID for a 10% student discount.

We’ve all been through the pain of a move or a reissued credit card.  You can easily change your billing info in the Elevated Fitness App by clicking on the menu option (3 lines, upper left hand corner).  Click on your profile picture to access your account information. Click the picture again to change profile information.  Click the credit card icon to change your payment options.

Yes.  Elevated Fitness is designated as a health care facility (rather than a gym), and can be applied toward a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) similar to a chiropractor or acupuncturist.  You can use your HSA or FSA card exactly like you would use a regular credit card.  Either bring to the front desk or enter yourself in the app.

If you have a month-to-month membership, you can place your membership on hold without restriction.  If you chose the more affordable annual membership option, you can temporarily suspend your membership in accordance with the following terms:

You may freeze your membership once per contractual year for a minimum of one (1) month and a maximum of three (3) consecutive months in one-month increments for a fee of $15 per month.  You can text your request to (530) 318-8666 or email info@elevatedtahoe.com.  Let us know how long you need to hold your account.

If you have a month-to-month membership, you can cancel at any time.  If you chose the more affordable annual membership option, you will incur a $200 early termination fee for cancelling within your contractual period.  Email your cancellation request to info@elevatedtahoe.com.  Your request may take up to 30 days to take effect.